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OHG One Day Training Course OHG ADVANCED Training Course

One Day Training Course is an 8 Hour Course for two people one-on-one with our professional master decorator trainer. During the course you will dip around 10-12 different parts that you could encounter later on such as automotive bezels, automotive dashes, gun stocks, etc. You will take these parts through the entire process from start to finish. After doing this you will have a good understanding of the process and how to dip basic parts. If you need more advanced training you can always come back and take a more in depth class.

After taking this course you will receive a complimentary OHG T-shirt, and receive a Hydrographics Training Certification. You will also receive VIP pricing on all materials that never expires, enjoy 5% off. You can also receive discounted rates at our local hotel, and car rentals.

You will cover the following information in detail in your training course:

PREP 101

  • Identifying different materials
  • Prepping different materials
  • Using Cleaners & Solvents
  • Flame treatments


  • Spray guns and gun setup
  • Different types of primer you can use
  • Different types of paints you can use
  • Methods to spraying primers & basecoats
  • Curing methods to save time, as well as other time saving methods


  • Different types of films
  • Different Activators to use
  • Activator gun setup
  • Basic Dipping Techniques


  • Touch up with an airbrush
  • Ratios with mixing clear coats
  • Achieving flat or satin finishes
  • Application methods to achieve a smooth finish

To schedule our next available date you will need a $200 non-refundable deposit, which will be applied to your training course. To ask about our next availability please call (417) 443-0070 or email Sales@MyOHG.com

To add an additional person is $200 per extra person

Got the basics down, and now need Advanced Training?  OHG is here to help!   Our Master Decorators will work with you to advance your knowledge and skills in Hydrographics.   This industry can have huge profits any business can benefit from.  With OHG's training program, you will get the opportunity to train with our  Master Decorators at our 10000sqft facility.  We will show you proper techniques and processes to have consistent quality results....

After you have completed any of our training courses, you will receive VIP Pricing on all OHG Films, Activators, Basecoats, Clearcoats, & HVLP Guns.

Our Advanced Training course is very hands on.  During our  course, you will get the opportunity to take many different types of parts through the entire process.  Our program includes the following:

Advanced Water Transfer Printing Training Course - 8 HOUR Course

Review of Standard Course
• Trouble Plastics - PP,PE,TPO Plastics
• Proper Cleaners – Wax Grease Remover, Plastics Parts Cleaner, Final Wipe Solvent, Tack Clothes
• Epoxy Primer vs Urethane Primer
• MyOHG Polyester Resin Basecoats review
• Films review / Storage etc
• Basic Dipping Techniques

Advanced Painting Techniques
• Show Finishes – Westanding primer/basecoat
• Tri-Stage Paint concepts
• 2 Tone Painting

Stenciling Techniques
• Paint Mask Vinyl for Film Plotters
• Fine Line Tape, Manually drawing Flames

Advanced Dipping Techniques
• Dipping Advanced Parts - Sample dip (Skull, Dash, Wheels)
• Dipping in Halves – Sample dip (Gun Stock)
• Double Dipping – Sample dip (Water Drops over Stainless)

Advanced Finishing Techniques
• Shadowing Technique
• Airbrushing
• Candy Coating
o Methods of applying Candy (Binder/Intercoat/Clear)
o Finishing Candy Coats (Applying clear, wetsanding, cutting, buffing)
• Show Finishes
o Cutting & Buffing of clearcoats

• Bike Shows / Trade Shows / Events
• Local TV Commercials / Radio Ads
• Online Google Ads
• Website

This course will have many different items that will be dipped.  Some examples you will be dipping and finishing is a Full size truck Dash using Tri-Stage Paint / Dipping Gun Stocks in halves / Double dipping and candy coating Window Switch bezels, Dipping an Automotive Wheel, Dipping, airbrushing and finishing Euro Mounts.