IN STOCK - Single Phase Conversion Available - 3 Phase Currently - Extra thick SS - 10G.
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Tank Dimension:
Outside Area - 120" x 60" x 39"
Dipping Area - 108" x 56" x 32"

DIY Tank Specifications:
  • Made from 304 American Stainless Steel Metal.
  • 208 - 3 Phase Industrial Dipping Tank
  • 10 Gauge Stainless Steel Metal
  • Digital Control Panel with Digital Timer with buzzer, Digital PID thermostat controller, Heavy Duty Cam switch for water pump control, and rotary power switch for timer/thermostat.
  • Comes with 2 Divider Rails and a Center Rail to allow an Adjustable Film Grid system which is adjustable to 1" increments to reduce film usage.
  • A Internal Heavy Duty Industrial Water pump with Jet Bar to create maximum water flow.
  • Internal dam with filter to catch the leftover film pieces after dipping. Filters can be changed in less than 30 seconds.
  • Hidden Pump feature for a clean slick look.
  • 2-12,000w Heavy Duty Industrial Heater Element with thermostat to adjust the perfect temperature for your dipping process.
  • Heavy Duty Casters to make it easy to move into your dipping room.
  • Quick drain function - tank is designed to drain in less than 8 minutes.
Solve your adhesion problems on HDPE, PP, TPO with this product!
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HYDRO friendly Adhesion Promoter in a 8 oz Bottle

OHG has finally released its secret chemical for getting adhesion on troublesome substrates. This adhesion promoter has been in use at OHG for many years. This product is your tool for success when it comes to HDPE, PP, TPO and those difficult plastics. This product can be applied via dip, spray or wipe on. Then with approx 1-2 hour cure time you apply your basecoat directly on top of this product. This product is dip friendly and our Hydrographics Activator does not cause any weird chemical reactions.

Many production customers of ours use this chemical in everyday processing runs. This product ensures you wont have peeling or flaking of your basecoat. This adhesion promoter changes the Surface Tension to allow the bond of your basecoat chemically. Give this stuff a try, and then perform a cross-hatch test on your product and you will be very happy with the results!