16' Tandem Axle Mobile Hydrographics Processing Facility


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Product Overview

16' Tandem Axle Enclosed Mobile Hydrographics Processing facility. 

(Longer trailer options are also available) 

(Trailer Color options also available on custom builds)

220V AC Breaker Box w/ 4x 110V Standard Plugs / 1x 220v Plug
EPOXY Coated Floor
Completely wired with AC plugs throughout trailer. All runs from AC Shore Power from 30A RV Style Plug.  Can be ran from Grid Power or Generator Power.
Garage Pro Hydrographics Tank w/ built in rinse nozzle for rinsing of parts within tank
Bench top Spray booth
On-board air compressor
Instant Hot water heater when filling tank for ready to dip temps.
Water pump with outside hose connection for water source.
Trailer is an instant Store front for Hydrographics users. It can be pulled into an event or show and process parts, only thing you need to do is plug into 30A Power Plug.  Great tool for making money processing parts on the spot. Using OHG products, a user can have parts completed in just a few hours ready to hand back to customers.
***Note - Some Images may show Solar panels or Solar Equipment...These Pictures are for reference only.  If you want a Solar Powered Trailer please see product code 12026 -  ***


(No reviews yet) Write a Review