Aerosol DIY Dip Kit - Burlap


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Product Overview

Aerosol DIY Dip Kit - Burlap
Included in this kit is:
  • 1 Primer Gray Aerosol Can
  • 1 White Hydrographics Basecoat Aerosol Can
  • 10' Wildfire Hydrographics Film Pattern
  • 1 Hydrographics Activator Aerosol Can
  • 1 Urethane Clearcoat Gloss Aerosol Can
  • 1 Respirator
  • 5 pack of Gloves
  • 2 Scuff Pads
  • 1 Tack Cloth
  • DIY Instructions
All Aerosol Cans have a special nozzle that allows the spray pattern to be adjusted, spraying just like a HVLP Spray gun would.

This DIY Dip Kit includes everything you need to get started in Hydrographics. This kit was designed for the DIY community who wants to get into this line of work for a very small investment. You are welcome to call for assistance with dipping anytime during our normal business hours of M-Fri 9am-6pm


(No reviews yet) Write a Review