NexGEN - Basecoats

NexGEN Hydrographics Basecoat System is an Industrial Coating that gives our customers an advantage on processing parts with extreme speed with low cost of supplies. This type of paint is used in many different fields which include automotive, heavy truck, household decoration and commercial vehicles. With the increased wear capability and enhanced UV protection, you can’t go wrong with this line.

DIP AS QUICK AS 5 MINUTES after applying NexGen Paint. 8+ Week Dipping Window

Spray with 1.3-1.5mm HVLP and only 1-2 Coats is recommended. More coats can be added for desired effects.

Our NexGEN Basecoat line is designed to be applied over primed surfaces. This is the standard type of Primer/Basecoat/ClearCoat system that is widely used today. This series can be dipped in as quick as 5 minutes after spraying

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