NexGEN - Thermochromic Basecoats

Ozarks Hydrographics is proud to release a new product to our lineup.

Our THERMOCHROMIC Basecoat system is highly pigmented and changes color based on temp. When the Temp falls below 86 Degrees F, these exclusive basecoats will turn to a solid color. When 86 Degrees F and above is reached, these basecoats disappear!

It is not recommended to strain this product.
Shake Well
Spray with 1.3-1.5mm HVLP and only 2 Coats is recommended. More coats can be added for desired effects.

This Basecoat can be dipped on in as little as 5 min. Stays active for weeks for decoration.
Another method is to apply this basecoat over a decorated part, to hide the print during certain temperature ranges.

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