High - Definition Water Transfer Printing Film

HD Film Instructions:


HD film will slightly differ than standard Gravure Printed Patterns.  Here is everything you need to know to process



1.  Remove Clear Backing from Film.  The Clear backing helps give the film stucture when it is printed.  To remove the backing, start on one corner of the film and pull off of the backing.


2.  Sticky Side Down - Feel the printed area on both sides with damp fingers, and the sticky side is the side that is water activated and needs to be placed down on the water.


3.  60 Second Soak Time and 90 Degrees F.  


4.  Spray normal amount of OHG Activator onto the film.  This technique varys from person to person.  We always suggest to spray a test piece and dip a speed shape prior to dipping your project.  


5.  Once activated, let the film set active for 20-40 seconds.  The great thing about this film is the ink is very stable and will not fade like gravure printed films tend to do.  


6.  Dip Part


7.  Rinse Part, allow to dry and then clearcoat to protect the finish.