HYDRO-GLO 2.0 Basecoat - Clear Purple Glow Quart

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Product Overview

HYDRO-GLO 2.0 Basecoat is a GLOW-IN-THE-DARK paint that can be used with the hydrographic process.

The Clear Purple glow is a eye popping Purple glow color, with a 15 minute charge it will glow for up to 2 Hours!

With Hydro-GLO 2.0 you have the freedom to pick the daytime color then have it glow blue at night, this basecoat is a 2 stage paint which means it needs a regular color basecoat first then spray the glow paint over the top of the color basecoat it wont change the color much but will tint it a little bit.. See picture for display - shown with a White Basecoat first then the clear blue glow 2nd, we then dipped the part in Snake Skin and cleared it to protect it.

Using glow paint this way will allow you to choose the daytime color, and save material we used just 2 coats of glow paint in the panel pictured.

Example- You could use a custom blue, silver, red, green etc... instead of a white basecoat first, if the customer is wanting it to look a certain color in the daytime then glow blue at night.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review