Dealership Opportunity


Are you looking to start or grow your own business?  Do you want to be set apart from everyone else?  Whichever the case may be, OHG is here to help.  Best part of our Dealership program is we have NO FRANCHISE FEE's or ROYALTIES. ever!

‚ÄčThis opportunity is a chance to become part of the team with USA's fastest growing Hydrographics Company, Ozarks Hydrographics.

What sets us apart from the Competition?

OHG has over 10 Years in the Hydrographics Industry.  OHG has one of the most helpful, knowledgeable teams in the industry to help you troubleshoot, quote or setup that most complex Production Run you may come across.  It is also important to find out how long any supplier has been in business because in our experience we have seen many suppliers come and go over the years!  OHG also is one of the few companies around that have always built Hydrographics Processing Tanks IN-HOUSE.  We have Designed and Developed this line of equipment many years ago which gives our equipment a proven track record of performance and longevity.  We also have a team that is always innovating new technologies to help make the process flow even better, and to make new products to keep OHG on the cutting edge.  

How does an OHG Dealership work?

We wont just supply you with the equipment, we will help ensure your success in the hydrographics marketplace!  Part of an OHG Dealership will include a Processing Tank large enough to handle 80% of the typical work that is received in Hydrographics.   We will also supply you with a Start up Package with all the products, films, paints, HVLP guns and etc needed to successfully run a Hydrographics Decoration Business.  Being part of the OHG Dealership Program will also give you Exclusive access to new films, paints and etc as well as Dealership Pricing on all things offered at OHG.  

Do i get a Territory?

Yes, We are only looking to setup a few Dealerships to help give customers a local place to go for decoration.  Every OHG Dealer will have a  territory that we agree upon, and this territory is yours to grow to its fullest potential.  

See current Locations Here - CLICK HERE

Does my location get placed on OHG's Websites?

Yes, Absolutely!  OHG will list your Location on all of our websites and marketing campaigns.  Our goal is help provide an outlet for the hundreds of calls we get each week across the US for Decoration.  We also will provide you with an OHG Email address, business cards, promotional banners and etc to help market your new location.  We also will attend at least 1 Event in your territory each year with our Mobile OHG Show Trailer.  

What is the Difference between OHG Dealership Program and OHG Certified Decorator?

With the OHG Dealership Program, you will be able to purchase supplies at a heavily discounted rate.  You also will get your location placed on our website, get an OHG Email Address and you will have the OHG Brand Name and OHG Marketing to help grow your business.   The OHG Dealership Program will be tailored with a Special Dealer Training Course that is not available for general purchase on the website.  This advanced training will be held at OHG's Headquarters.  Then the second part of the course will be held at your facility after equipment is setup and ready for processing. 

An OHG Certified Decorator will be a customer that purchased one of our standard training courses available on our website.   

I am an OHG Certified Decorator, Can i apply for the OHG Dealership Program?

Yes, As long as the Territory you are requesting is not already taken, we can build a custom Dealership Program for you without the Equipment that comes Standard.  Give us a call or email and we can discuss the Dealer Program.

How do i get more info?

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